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Universal functionality across store types

Arch Retail, our in-store solution simplifies complex processes, providing you with universal functionality and real-time access to information across your business including:

  • Proactive product price maintenance
  • Automated product ordering schedule
  • Tight user authority security measures
  • Integrated stock and margin plans
  • Swift and accurate cash-up procedure
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Real-time profitability management
  • Automated supplier claims
  • Safe mode - in the event of server or network failure, uninterrupted trading even during your busiest times

Specific benefits for butcheries

  • Bulk breaking to calculate yields accurately
  • Live pre-production management
  • Full scales integration in-store
  • Ingredients description on labels
  • Sell-by date and expiry control at point-of-sale
  • Weight verification at point-of-sale

Butchery Clients