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Operational data flow to cloud-based accounting system

Importance of accurate financial information in retail

  • Sound financial information upon which risk mitigation and management decisions are based.
  • Integration facilitates seamless data flow, eliminating double work and reduces human error.
  • Customised financial reporting addressing user's specific operational requirements to run a profitable retail enterprise, particularly the increased challenges in running a multi-store operation.
  • Software required which addresses the challenges retail poses.
  • Retailers require accounting software implementation, application services and training.
  • Developed specifically for the Southern African retail environment.
  • An accounting and financial management system fully integrated with Arch Retail.
  • Fully automated integration - no more manual intervention.
  • Can accommodate multiple sites from which data is integrated to Head Office or group entity.
  • Web-based - making it possible to access information from anywhere.
  • Sales, GRVs, Cash-ups, Account Sales, Bank Transactions, Warehouse and Drop Shipments statements are all electronically transferred and reconciled into Arch Accounting.
  • Designed around ‘Exception Management’, only spend time on managing the exceptions.


  • Detailed financial reports
  • Document management
  • Automated inter-company loan accounts
  • Includes budget module
  • 3-Level account structure
  • Note facility on specific transactions
  • Comparisons to last year and budget
  • Trend graphs
  • Simple and easy VAT processing
  • Excel exports
  • Prior year comparison reporting
  • Track a transaction
  • Specific dates driven controlled
  • Unlimited users - Profile and password controlled
  • Scan and upload documents and link to specific accounts or transactions
  • Debtors and Creditors transactions are imported individually by Arch Retail document
  • Posts stock adjustments, cost variations, mark-up-mark-down entries and stock variances

In addition to Arch Accounting, integration to other ERP systems such as Sage Evolution, are also offered.

Arch Accounting

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