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eCommerce to meet the increasing demand for online shopping

Traditional customers enjoy the in-store physical interaction with products and staff, and being able to take home their purchases immediately. There is however a growing number of modern customers who enjoy the at-home convenience of shopping without having to travel to the store. There are millions of online shoppers and this number is expected to grow significantly. As a result, expanding into eCommerce can make your retail business more competitive while increasing your revenue potential.

An integrated online shopping platform

Investing in our Arch eStore integrated solution means eCommerce and brick-and-mortar can seamlessly co-exist. Integrated with in-store Arch Retail, Arch eStore facilitates a seamless flow, between the customer placing an online order, to the store dispatching and delivering it.

Arch eStore features and functionality

  • Gathering analytical data can tell you a great deal about online shopper browsing and buying habits
  • Integration between Arch eStore and Arch Retail reduces administrative challenges because information flows seamlessly through the purchase-to-delivery process
  • System order-execution efficiency reduces operational costs and potentially increases profitability
  • Smooth process flow and accurate two-way communication enhances the customer experience
  • Customers can collect their order at the store or have it delivered to their door
  • Arch eStore purchases earn customers rewards through Arch Loyalty
  • Integration assists retailers to align with the modern trend of using devices such as mobile phones and hand-held computers as a means to link to back-office systems