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On-the-floor access to operational information

Owing to convenience and versatility, mobile (handheld) technology is increasingly important in the modern retail store environment. Arch Mobile, an extension of Arch Retail, improves operational efficiencies by making data capturing and processing both time and cost effective. At the same time, it allows the store manager to stay in touch with operational issues and to make informed on-the-go management decisions.

Improving product/stock management

In addition to point-of-sale, barcode scanning is becoming increasingly important for stock management, from receiving to sales floor and exit door. Accurate stock receiving (along with other stock management actions) minimises shrinkage, ultimately increasing profitability. Equally, control measures at store exits prevent fraudulent sales transactions, further minimising shrinkage.

Arch Mobile features and functionality

Installed on a sturdy handheld scanning device, Arch Mobile guides the user through the relevant processes. The intuitive interface means minimal training required with transactions committed to the server for real-time processing via wireless networking.

Arch Mobile applications:

Stock receiving facilitates blind receiving, which means order/no order delivery receiving at point of entry. Arch Mobile validates the invoice against the order and ensures that the quantities and variants delivered are correct. You can also address all discrepancies and rejections immediately.

Stock functions on store shelves such as stock enquiries, sales enquiries, shelf label printing, price changes, stock picking on daily rounds, and stock takes.

Security checks at store exit to monitor security effectiveness and prevent fraudulent invoices.