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Fully integrated in-store retail management system

Integrating in-store business processes is the best way to increase operational efficiency. Likewise, to manage it successfully, you require versatile management modules that offer multiple functionalities, providing operational order and discipline, while meeting your customers’ shopping expectations.

A successful store solution provides more than a speedy check-out process. It’s all about stock and margin management, by ensuring you:

  • Carry optimal stock of the right products
  • Sell them at the correct prices
  • Know which products to order, when to order them, and at what prices
  • Have timely access to store performance reports which are critical in making sound business decisions

Streamlining operations and increasing profitability

Arch Retail integrates in-store business processes into a single centralised system, that incorporates versatile management modules with multiple functionalities. This means all modules or applications work together, with data synchronised across your business, and you can manage everything from one system.

Arch Retail features and functionality

  • Hardware and software system with two main application areas – back-office (BO) and point-of-sale (POS)
  • Fully integrated POS value adds enhance customer convenience
  • Access to accurate real-time operational data at any time
  • Safe-mode POS functionality ensures uninterrupted trading in the event of server or network failure – once the server or network is restored POS data downloads to the server
  • Designed to increase profit and sales while maintaining optimal stock levels
  • Reduces time spent on admin, freeing up time so you can focus on the strategic aspects of your business
  • Best-in-class functionality allows for strategic functions such as stock replenishment and selling price management
  • Comprehensive management reports and data analysis

Stock Plan and Margin Plan:

Stock Plan maintains optimal stock levels to avoid overstocking or understocking. Understocking can result in both a loss of income and customers potentially. Equally, overstocking impacts cash flow because of cash tied up in stock and can lead to theft, breakage, and expired stock.

Margin Plan maximises profits through strategic and timeous sales price management.