Business partners, not clients

Just as your store customers expect you to know their expectations and desires, we make it our business to understand yours. So much so that this partnership approach often results in clients growing from small operations into large multiple retail stores. Staying abreast of technology developments in the retail landscape and devising solutions to address these, ensure superior products and services are delivered.

Partnering with Arch means you benefit from:

  • Deep experience in the local South African and Southern African retail landscape
  • Skills and capabilities to provide you with a highly customised retail management system backed by sound technological rollout and ongoing support.

Arch Software Assurance Program

Arch Products and services offer an integrated retail management solution to give Users the Edge. To ensure Arch Users have the Edge in a highly competitive and ever evolving retail environment, Spinnaker adopted the Arch Software Assurance Program ("ASAP"). The program aims to continuously enhance Arch through in-house development to meet these challenges. A portion of the Arch Recurring Fee is allocated to this strategy.

Before, during and after-purchase support

A retail management system requires planning, implementation, and support in a way that simplifies processes, and streamlines your specific business needs, without providing additional problems. Partnering with an experienced and responsive technology partner ensures guidance and support. Initially, consultation, implementation and training, but also ongoing remote and onsite user assistance.


  • Identifying unique operational challenges and IT infrastructure status
  • Establishing features and functions required
  • Conducting a functionality gap analysis to ensure our proposed solution meets your expectations
  • Performing a site survey to ensure your hardware equipment supports Arch’s software integrity
  • Finalising and presenting costs
  • We also provide a consulting service for existing clients to improve operational efficiency

Implementation and training:

  • Implementation planning to ensure the roles of both parties are clearly defined
  • A Project Manager coordinates implementation to ensure processes and resources are aligned
  • Providing intensive before and after implementation training to ensure in-depth system product knowledge and use
  • Ongoing training to reinforce learning and build proficiency

Onsite and remote user assistance:

  • Southern African footprint ensures all on-site issues are taken care of by branch technical resources
  • Software/functionality issues are dealt with online by skilled User Assistance Technicians on the User Assistance Desk
  • More complicated issues are escalated to Technicians in the Technical Division for resolution
  • The Spinnaker service commitment is regulated by and driven through a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Software development

  • Our suite of products is developed in-house
  • More than point-of-sale automation, we provide a fully integrated retail management solution
  • Continuous product upgrades – with consideration of input from our client base and monitoring developments in a fast-evolving retail landscape
  • Agreements with specialist companies so that you can provide your customers with the best possible complementary products and services

For an overview of client services offered in relation to fees charged, click here.