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All-in-one integrated forecourt solution

  • Traditional fuel retail sites have two separate solutions for the forecourt and the convenience store resulting in two different sets of operational and management requirements
  • Convenience store software options are sourced locally, whereas forecourt solutions are mostly imported technology
  • Imported forecourt solutions are influenced by exchange rate and are relatively expensive
  • A variety of pump types are in operation
  • Growth in the number of dealer-owned sites
  • Increase in number of operators owning multiple sites

Complete control while reducing operational complexity

  • One integrated software solution addresses the needs of both the convenience store and forecourt
  • Arch Fuel is locally developed and supported, resulting in a cost-effective solution with regular software enhancements
  • One system ensures consolidated management control and performance reporting
  • Arch Retail’s convenience store software component is developed on years of retail operational experience

  • In the forecourt, Arch Fuel caters for attendant tagging, vehicle tagging and tank gauging.
  • We also supply an alternative to the tagging solution, a scanning solution where you scan the nozzle barcode for authentication, and the vehicle license disk/barcode for account authentication. 
  • An on-forecourt payment solution makes for easy and fast processing
  • Arch Fuel is compatible with a variety of pump types / manufacturers – Hongyang, Prowalco, Tokheim & Dresser-Wayne pumps, and makes use of Masterfuel controllers
  • Arch Debtor Functionality for Forecourt Customers
  • Forecourt/C-Store Loyalty Integration
  • The solution offers integrated Value Adds critical to a convenience store, such as EFT, pre-paid airtime/electricity, loyalty / rewards system, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), Arch Financial Integration (AFI) and Cash Handler
  • Arch Enterprise addresses the requirements of owners with multiple fuel retail sites